Different Types of Home Windows

Professional Advice

Most Wake County homeowners do not give much thought to the type of windows installed in their homes. When it comes to installing brand-new windows or buying replacement ones, most homeowners do not know just how many different options are out there.

Windows add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, and they also allow natural light to enter your interior spaces and maintain a feeling of dryness and freshness in your rooms. Whether your aesthetic leans more toward the contemporary or the classic, a reputable general contractor in Wake County, NC, can help you customize your windows in any style and size to match your evolving preferences.  

How to find the right windows?

Choosing the right windows can be challenging since so many options are available, each with its unique blend of style, size, and functionality. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the options, take a deep breath and re-consider your needs.

Firstly, you must look for windows with good functionality. This means that they should let light into your home in areas where you need it, keep drafts out of the areas where you don’t, and — most importantly — permit desired views and level of privacy. Do not forget that even if a window has excellent aesthetics, it will be a source of frustration in the long term if it cannot do what you want it to do.

Once you have identified features that are essential for you and your Raleigh home, you can then focus on specific window designs and details, such as the type of material, the colors, and your personal style.

What are the different types of windows out there?

Because there are so many options available, choosing the right window type can be challenging. If you are planning to install new windows in the near future as part of your home renovations in Raleigh, NC, here are some of the most common window types you can choose from: 

Casement windows

Since casement windows open outward, they let in the most amount of fresh air and light of any kind of window. These types of windows are tightly sealed and are popular among Wake County homeowners because of their energy efficiency and how they help cut down on utility bills. 

These windows can be hinged on either the right or left side and opened by pushing outward. They can also be opened and closed with the turn of a crank. 

Because of their ease of use, casement windows work well above kitchen cabinets and counters and any other areas where they can be easily pushed or cranked open.  

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows only open up to the halfway point. These windows are considered one of the least efficient types of windows available on the market because of their restricted airflow. 

This style of window — which is also offered in the single-hung configuration — is made up of two sashes that can slide vertically to open or close the window. Generally, these windows can open wide from either the bottom or the top of the frame. They do not stick out in any direction, either toward the inside or outside a home; instead, they remain neatly inside their frame. 

A single-hung window has one window at the top that is fixed in place, while the window at the bottom can slide up and down. Due to the lack of exterior or extra space taken up by their designs, single- and double-hung windows are well suited for use in areas such as walkways and patios. 

The ease with which these types of windows can be cleaned and maintained is another critical benefit associated with them.

Awning windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, which allows them to open outwards, permitting light and air to enter the room from all directions.

These windows — which are often installed below, above, or alongside a fixed functioning window — are attractive options for bedrooms and other rooms where privacy is a concern. When installed next to other windows or over patios and patio doors, awning windows also work well for optimal light and airflow.

Picture windows

Picture windows — a type of stationary window — are solely installed for their aesthetic value. These types of windows are lovely additions to areas of your home that prioritize the views outside but do not need adequate airflow.

These window types are sought after since they let in the most light and provide the best outside views. These windows are traditionally installed high up on walls and hallways, making them an ideal choice for rooms with high ceilings and areas where abundant lighting is needed.

Bay windows

People who want to make their homes seem more open on the inside might consider installing bay windows.

This window arrangement often consists of two casement or double-hung windows positioned on each side of a fixed window. These window designs protrude from the house, which enables light to enter your living spaces at interesting and aesthetically appealing angles.

Bay windows are an excellent way to implement beautiful projections and angles into the home while providing pleasant airflow. These windows are most commonly installed in kitchens and family rooms.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of windows, each of which is ideally suited to a certain room, occasion, or need. A single style of window is usually never the only option available for a home. You have the space you need to be creative in your home, thanks to the number of window options available for you to choose from. 

Think about which types of windows could work best in different rooms, and remember to give equal merit to the practical aspects of your windows and their aesthetic qualities.

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