Different Types of Countertops

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It is important to remember that falling in love with your kitchen countertops starts at first sight, which is why stopping by a showroom is important. However, you will get the most out of your visit if you familiarize yourself with the different countertop materials and understand how they fit into your overall design concept. 

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Whether building a porch and deck or updating your countertops, home renovations in Raleigh, NC, can be stressful. After all, you have been awaiting the day when you will finally be able to have your dream kitchen. You will want to ensure that your choice does not hurt factors such as the resale value of your Raleigh home or your long-term enjoyment.

Glasgow Design Build’s team is here to walk you through the different countertop types so that you can feel more confident in your decision…  

When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops in Wake County, you have a variety of options, including granite, quartz, marble, butcher block, solid surface, laminate, and concrete. Additionally, you can mix and match some of these materials in large kitchen layouts to achieve the desired look.  

Option 1: Granite  

Granite is among the most desirable countertop materials in Wake County. It is a naturally beautiful stone prized for its array of shades and veins, and its natural elegance makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen. Granite is also one of the most solid and durable countertop materials available — so you will find that your granite countertop can withstand the majority of normal wear and tear while retaining a premium finish. 

Unfortunately, for most Wake County homeowners, granite countertops can be prohibitively expensive.

Option 2: Quartz 

Quartz countertops are perhaps the most versatile and desired premium surface material on the market today. Often marketed under the brand names SilestoneCaesarstone, and Cosentino, quartz is available in a range of color options. This allows you to create a kitchen that is not only distinctive, but also visually cohesive — a kitchen that you will want to show off at every opportunity. Quartz is opulent and high-end, with exceptional durability that makes it ideal for even the most functional kitchen. It is also low maintenance and effectively resists spills, stains, as well as the normal wear and tear. All of these advantages contribute to quartz’s high desirability, which generally increases the material’s resale value when used in kitchen countertops.

Quartz’s big drawback is its hefty price. Quartz countertops typically cost between $3,000 and $7,500 for a medium-sized kitchen. Over time, however, quartz outperforms other premium countertop materials in terms of value, as it does not need resealing and is typically less maintenance-intensive.  

Option 3: Butcher Block 

Butcher block countertops are a popular choice among Wake County homeowners right now. When used with granite or quartz countertops, Butcher block adds a rich, earthy color variation to your kitchen. This material’s somewhat thicker form lends itself perfectly to a chef-inspired aesthetic. Typically, butcher block countertops serve as an accent, defining a small space near the sink or on the island.

That said, it is essential to keep in mind that wood is easily scratched (think about your cutting board). Due to the porous nature of wood, it is more susceptible to moisture and microorganisms than any other material. To make things worse, it is prone to warping due to excess moisture and humidity levels. Additionally, you will need to scrub them often with a sponge and hot water and sanitize them with undiluted white vinegar. These disadvantages are exacerbated when the exorbitant cost of different types of wood used to build countertops is taken into account. 

Option 4: Marble 

Granite or quartz worktops are standard in most mid- to high-end kitchens in Raleigh, NC. However, if you like a more “dramatic” effect, you may wish to explore the true three-dimensional presentation of marble with thick, dark veins. There is no disputing marble’s timeless, opulent appearance — this aesthetic is reinforced by the fact that some of the world’s most famous sculptures are made of marble.

Unfortunately, marble is a high-priced material to buy and maintain. The material is also porous, which means it is susceptible to stains if you fail to reseal it regularly. Marble also has a lower scratch resistance than some other types of stone. If you stain, chip, scratch, or crack marble, the restoration costs will be rather substantial.

Option 5: Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are made of synthetic materials like mineral dust (mostly marble) mixed with plastic resins and pigments. Most Wake County homeowners know solid surface countertops by brand names such as Formica or Corian. Apart from the low price, solid surface countertops come in various colors and patterns. They often outperform laminate in terms of appearance, offering more convincing recreations of materials such as laminate and granite. Additionally, they are easy to install and repair.

However, keep hot pots and pans on a trivet to avoid indenting the solid surface. Additionally, neither Formica nor Corian are scratch-resistant.

Option 6: Laminate

Laminate is the least expensive option among the numerous types of kitchen countertops. Therefore, it attracts budget-conscious homeowners in Wake County. Laminate is also widely available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, this is the extent of laminate countertops’ advantages.

As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. Given the composition of laminate countertops (layers of plastic atop hardwood), they are highly prone to cracking, splitting, bubbling, and warping. This damage can be expensive and difficult to restore, negating any initial savings. Furthermore, because people perceive laminate to be a low-cost countertop surface, it can significantly affect the desirability of your Raleigh home. Additionally, while laminate countertops can resemble quartz, marble, and other high-end materials, the resemblance is purely cosmetic — nobody will believe you have splurged on a premium style of countertop.

Option 7: Concrete 

Another cost-effective option is concrete countertops. They are a relatively new trend, but they are highly durable, and you can coat them with ornamental resin to help match your countertops to the aesthetic of your kitchen. That said, even plain concrete is sleek and contemporary. They can help you create an industrial kitchen style.

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