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Constructing a home from scratch is not as quick or straightforward as building a porch or deck — there is a myriad of complex steps involved, and only a reputable general contractor in Wake County, NC, can successfully bring your vision to life. And when you want to custom-build the design of your home with extra bells and whistles — rather than choosing an off-the-shelf design — things get even more complicated. 

Be it a custom home renovation in Raleigh, NC, or home construction, the path to made-to-order items is usually challenging. Therefore, you need a sequential order to do things by and avoid getting overwhelmed. Getting the dream walk-in wardrobe or a gigantic, personalized wall is not impossible with proper guidance.

So, here are the steps you need to follow if you want to self-design the house of your dreams. 

Step 1: Look for your “why”

You may have heard this advice before, and it stands true with regard to designing a house. Getting to know the purpose behind your house construction is crucial to making your home fully functional. Whether the purpose of the building is to sell the house or see your grandchildren play freely in it, the objective will help you stay mindful of your family’s needs and ensure the new home caters to all.

So, brainstorm your “why” before taking the following steps. Sit down with your trusted note taking device, think hard about the key features you would want in your new house, and jot them down. Do not forget to consider recommendations from your family members so that each of you is happy with the result.

Step 2: Sketch the floor plan

Do not put away your trusted note taking device — you will still need it to draw a floor plan for your dream house. You do not have to be an artist to do this successfully. And neither do you need high-priced equipment. Simply let your dreams find their way onto your device or even a sheet of paper. Do not worry about the subpar drawing, so long as it accurately portrays your idea.

Sketch away your fantastical dream house! For more inspiration, refer to the magazines and social platforms like Pinterest. Alternatively, you can even visit a few neighborhoods near you and include all the striking features in your floor plan. Lastly, finalize the overall architectural design of your house — if it will be traditional or modern. 

Step 3: Start looking for reputable residential architects or designers

Once you have the floor plan ready, you need the right staff to turn it into a reality. Research extensively to find a well-known house designer in your area who has the right set of skills, knowledge, and appropriate work attitude. Choose a designer you feel fully comfortable with and share the floor plan with them, turning to a computerized blueprint.

The right designer will not only offer you a digital floor plan but even suggest suitable changes. They will ensure that your house plan meets all safety and building standards in Raleigh, NC, and offer you a better plan that fits in your square footage and has all the features you want it to have.

Step 4: Hire a proficient general contractor

With your house plan in place, you need a general contractor in Wake County, NC, to start the actual construction process. The best contractor for the job will be someone experienced, licensed, and budget-friendly. To ensure you are choosing the perfect match, you can reach out to their past customers and get honest feedback about the quality of their work and work ethics.

Most importantly, your contractor should get your house plan approved by the relevant engineers. They should approach a truss engineer to ensure the truss in your design is strong, stable, and rigid. They should also visit a structural engineer who takes care of the foundation and the structure that connects to the roof.

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Step 5: Get your permits in order and choose your material 

This is one of the most important steps, as failing to get the required permits can cause you a lot of stress down the road. Be it home renovation in Raleigh, NC, or house construction, relevant permits are a must-have. And if you have chosen the right general contractor, they will get the job done for you.

As you wait for your permits to arrive, choose the materials for your dream house. Sit with a professional to decide what will be the best fit for your house style. Consider everything from doors to windows and countertops to cabinets.

Step 6: Sign the contract

After these five taxing steps, now you finally get to know how much the entire construction will cost you. Get the final quote from the general contractor and sign the contract for construction if you agree to the costs. Read each clause in the contract carefully, including the timelines, payment, and scope of work. 

If you find the contract-reading process tedious, hire an attorney. They will review the entire contract and explain all the terms and conditions. Besides, the contract’s approval from an attorney will offer peace of mind and ensure safety.

Build. Inspect. Live.

Now comes the time when your dreams start taking shape. And once the entire house is fully constructed, a local government agency will inspect it before marking it fit-to-live-in! Once approved, you are all set to change your address and live the life of your dreams in your dream house.

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