What to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder?

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When building a custom home in Raleigh, NC, there are numerous decisions to be made. The most critical decision, however, is choosing a custom home builder. 

Custom home builders abound in Raleigh, NC, but the right custom home builder who can match the criteria on your exhaustive list is hard to come by. You will interview several candidates to find the right fit, but unless you have hired a builder before, coming up with the right questions can be difficult.

The team at Glasgow Design Build has compiled a list of fifteen questions to ask a potential custom home builder to help you prepare your list of interview questions.

Q1. What is your experience in building custom homes?

You should look for an experienced general contractor in Wake County, NC. When interviewing a custom home builder, ask about their years of experience in all aspects of new home construction and renovation. Glasgow Design Build has been building in and around Raleigh, NC, for about 20 years.

Q2. Could you please show me your past work portfolio?

Some custom home builders in Raleigh may have a for-sale model available for viewing, while others may not. If your builder does not have a model to show you, you can ask if they can show you photographs of previous custom homes they have built.

Q3. What is the level of customization in my custom home?

Whether it is building a porch or deck or adding an outdoor kitchen, if you want to make some adjustments to your custom home while it is being constructed, you will need to choose a flexible builder. Glasgow Design Build alleviates the stress of making decisions on a tight timeline during construction through our integrated design process. This way, we can ensure that every aspect of your custom home design process is covered before breaking ground.

Q4. Can you help me choose the ideal site for my custom home?

Some custom home builders can assist you in finding the ideal site for your custom home. If you have already found one, ask if they can come and inspect it.

Q5. Are you licensed and insured?

North Carolina requires custom home builders to have licenses (NCAC Title 21 Chapter 12A .0202), but not all states do. Nonetheless, it is important to ask a potential builder if they are licensed and insured.

Q6. How will we communicate during the building process?

Communication is critical during the building process! When interviewing potential builders, inquire about how they will keep you updated on your dream home’s construction progress.

Q7. Have you previously built the type of house we are looking for?

When questioning a custom home builder about their experience, you can include questions like these. If you have a particular home style in mind—whether Colonial, Victorian, or Tudor—ask your custom home builder if they have previously built homes in that style.

Q8. How long does it take your team on average to build a custom home?

The answer to this question is dependent on several factors, including the complexity of your home’s architecture. When you ask this question, make it clear that you are interested in the time spent on homes similar to yours. This will give you a general idea of how your timeline might look.

Q9. What sets you apart from other custom home builders?

This is an excellent question to pose to a custom home builder to learn more about them! Learn what distinguishes your builder and how it might improve your custom home experience. Glasgow Design Build’s one-stop-shop process is what sets us apart. Each step of our process takes place under one roof, making your custom home experience as seamless as possible.

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Q10. Do you conduct quality assurance inspections during the building process?

When it comes to building your dream home, quality assurance is indispensable. When interviewing a custom home builder, inquire about how they plan to ensure quality throughout the building process.

Q11. Can you make my home more energy efficient?

Consider whether sustainability is important in your ideal home. If it is, inquire with your potential custom home builder about the possibility of including energy-efficient features into your home design.

Q12. When will I know the total cost of my custom home?

Knowing the final cost of your custom home in Raleigh affects every phase of the design and construction process. Fortunately, Glasgow Design Build gives you the final pricing upfront. So, as you go through designing and building your custom home, you know exactly how much it will cost.

Q13. Do you have any testimonials from previous clients that I may look at?

Client testimonials can tell you a lot about a custom home builder! So, inquire with your potential custom home builder about past client testimonials.

Q14. Do you include landscaping in your custom home design process?

To find the right general contractor for your Raleigh custom home, you should know what is included in their design process. Landscaping, mechanical, and electrical design features are all important. Landscaping is incorporated into the design process at Glasgow Design Build. When it comes to installation, we work with reputable and skilled professionals to ensure that your landscaping is flawless.

Q15. How do I choose materials and fixtures for my custom home?

This question will help you find a custom home builder who will work with you to select the ideal materials, fixtures, and other features for your home. Glasgow Design Build spends the time necessary to go over every detail of your home’s interior design. We ensure that every detail of your custom home reflects your personality.

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