Harmonizing Indoor and Outdoor Living: The Creative Collaboration Between Godfrey and Jones and Glasgow Design Build

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Spotlight on Chris Jones of Godfrey and Jones

Christopher Jones is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who has spent his career transforming spaces. Whether turning around hotels or designing dream backyards, his journey has been defined by innovation and a commitment to excellence. Today, he stands as one of the proud owners of Godfrey and Jones, a company committed to creating engaging outdoor experiences for clients in North Carolina.

From Corporate Hotels to Backyard Bliss

Christopher Jones‘ background is rich, diverse, and decorated with numerous accolades. His journey began in various roles across multiple regions with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, where he focused on renovation, openings, and operational improvements in locations such as Colorado, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Thomas, and Washington DC. His expertise then led him to the position of Corporate Manager at Winegardner & Hammons Hotel Group in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, where he was honored with FIRST PLACE in the 2017 Corporate Leadership.

As the Corporate Regional Director for BPR Hotels, Jones’s primary role was overseeing hotel improvements across a regional portfolio. He worked with Marriott Autograph Collection, Independent Boutique, and Select Service, earning him the prestigious Marriott ‘Mustang Award’ in 2018.

Now, as the President and Co-owner of Godfrey and Jones and as the Principle and NASCLA Commercial Contractor Qualifier, his understanding of design, renovation, and operational efficiency continues to thrive. Having been involved with luxury brands like Ritz Carlton and Marriott’s Autograph Collection, his profound understanding and vast experience have positioned him as a visionary in the industry. 

Godfrey and Jones stand as a testament to his commitment to excellence and ability to create engaging outdoor experiences, reflecting a lifetime of innovation and success.

Creating Backyard Paradises: The Birth of Godfrey and Jones

The transition from the hotel industry to outdoor pool and spa design was motivated by a desire to create something truly exceptional. Alongside his cousin and co-owner, Daniel, who has over 30 years of landscaping experience, Jones brought together his general contractor’s license and design background to form a partnership that seeks to go beyond the ordinary.

Godfrey and Jones is more than a business; it’s a mission to create exceptional outdoor experiences. They aim to transform backyards into aesthetic focal points that are enjoyed year-round, not only by children playing in pools but also by adults who find relaxation and entertainment in these spaces.

Pushing Boundaries and Setting Trends

Jones identifies emerging trends in the pool industry, such as increased use of fiberglass, concrete, and features like LED lights and ledges. He views pools as a significant aesthetic element of a house, where adults can relax and entertain and where pools become the focal point for the entire home.

Godfrey and Jones’s future is bright. They plan on continuous growth, innovative concrete pool construction methods, and integrating new design elements into the natural North Carolina landscape in unique ways.

Tips for Creating a Pool Oasis

For homeowners dreaming of a backyard pool oasis, Jones advises a clear understanding of what they want their experience to be like, how it will impact their lives, and having a comprehensive understanding of the budget. This vision and planning will enable a more precise project, reflecting their needs and desires.

More Than a Businessman

Beyond work, Jones has diverse interests, such as woodworking, furniture building, exercising, and spending time with family. He draws inspiration from around the country and the world, integrating these global ideas into North Carolina’s natural landscape.

Jones’s passion for design, commitment to excellence, and personal connection to his work make Godfrey and Jones a standout company. They are not merely in the business of making money; they’re in the business of creating outdoor experiences that transform lives.

In his words, it’s about creating “really incredible spaces for people to enjoy.” And that, indeed, is what makes Godfrey and Jones an exceptional enterprise.

By telling the story of Christopher Jones and the company Godfrey and Jones, we get a glimpse into the innovative world of outdoor living design. A blend of personal history, professional expertise, and a keen understanding of industry trends come together to create not just pools and spas but a holistic experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Creative Collaboration

The results are seamless when Glasgow Design Build collaborates with Godfrey and Jones. Merging of indoor and outdoor design, encompassing everything from the interior layout to the garden oasis, as well as decks, sunrooms, and exterior building features that Glasgow Design Build is renowned for.

While Godfrey and Jones concentrated on the outdoor elements, adding luxurious pools, spas, and landscaping features, Glasgow Design Build would not only build the interior renovation but also the creation of the exterior features that enhance the overall design. Glasgow aligns with the homeowner’s vision for a dream home, from designing elegant decks and sunrooms to constructing unique exterior features. Together, they work meticulously to ensure every detail is aligned, creating a cohesive design that effortlessly connects the indoor living space with the outdoor environment. From choosing complementary materials and color schemes to synchronizing design themes, their collaboration offers clients an unparalleled, customized experience.

The synergy between Godfrey and Jones and Glasgow Design Build results in more than just a renovated home; it creates a complete living experience. Combining their unique strengths and shared commitment to excellence, these two firms have the ability to turn any house into a dream home where aesthetics, comfort, and functionality converge. This collaboration would set a new standard in holistic home design, reflecting a perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and attention to detail.

Glasgow Design Build

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Godfrey and Jones

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