Interview with Debbi Miller


Teamwork is an essential part of renovating an older home.  Our team is built to ensure every step of the renovation process has an expert committed to making sure things are done accurately and in a manner that will ensure your home will pass the mustard when it comes to local permitting and historic preservation.

Meet Debbi Miller, our Pre-Construction Project Manager. Jonathan met Debbi at his business networking group, BNI.  Debbi was in real estate for over 18 years, and she moved to Raleigh with her husband in 1987. In 2012, Debbi attended Meredith College to finish her Interior Design degree.

Debbi submits permit applications and monitors permit status until permits are approved. She ensures that the Glasgow Design Build homeowner selections have been made, helps when necessary, and orders them for timely delivery for the project.  When a project entails a historic home, she applies for the Certificate of Appropriateness and specs all the exterior building materials to ensure that it meets all the historical requirements. This can include siding, exterior paint colors, windows, doors, and a fence style for fence replacement when necessary. Her job is to make sure there aren’t any glitches or surprises as each detail is thought of and worked through.

Debbi loves this job and loves working with the team. It’s new and different every day. She can visualize each project and looks forward to seeing the end result of the teamwork. Her motto is ‘one person can make a difference’, and working with such an experienced team where each person uses their expertise truly fulfills this motto.

Debbi volunteers for Note in the Pocket and Saving Grace Animal Rescue. She has two Chihuahua foster fails.  She adores her three-year-old grandson. He is just the icing on the cake!