Screened In Porch by Jay Brown


Recently, we asked one of our homeowners to sit down with us and give some insights about the project we had completed for them. Glasgow Design Build was hired by the Brown family to assist them in creating a screened porch, as well as a grilling deck. 

Here is what the homeowner, Jay Brown, had to say in regard to our work:

When we began this process with Glasgow Design Build, we were thrilled that Jonathan and his team were listening to what we wanted. They did make suggestions as the process went along. But they were never pushy in either direction. The team seemed to understand the vision my wife and I had for our dream screened porch, plus the grilling deck just to the left of the porch. 

The screened porch is a nicely sized option that can allow us to host our friends and family throughout the year. We can have the space to be able to include a large outdoor dining set, which will comfortably seat our visitors. We envision ourselves making memories with loved ones in this newly constructed outdoor living space. 

Jonathan and his team paid attention to the smallest of details when constructing this screened porch. The bead board ceilings panels are an elegant touch that my wife adores. The double ceiling fans were a stroke of genius during the hotter days in the summer and those autumn nights. The construction of the porch also included the ability to install a TV, if desired. Making this porch a possible hang out spot for games night all year long.

Another aspect that we were pleasantly surprised about was in regards to the outstanding workmanship involved here. One example, the screens are all installed from the inside, so we can stand in the porch to change out screens as needed. It’s effortless to do. Another example was how the materials were selected to ensure that this porch and the grilling deck would be within the weather conditions seen in the Raleigh Area. The wide tread of the stairs leading down off the grilling deck is another example of the workmanship. Those stairs were thoughtfully mapped out to accommodate a wide variety of people who would be using them. Not only for our time at the house, but for any other homeowners in the future.

When we are out on the screened porch, dining, reading, or hanging out, we know that the team at Glasgow Design Build understands the overall usage that their build will get. We appreciated the details they thought of to ensure that the everyday use of the two spaces would be pleasant, enjoyable, and build memories. Even the girthiest of the hand railing on the grilling deck had a purpose; we can place items on the railing without a concern they would fall off due to the railing being too narrow. We had mentioned this in passing during the design phase of the project and were amazed that the team took the small gesture to ensure this railing could hold items connected to the grilling that I enjoy doing. My various sauce bottles and spice bottles fit on that railing with ease due to the thoughtful actions of the Glasgow Design Build team. 

One final aspect of the build that made us realize that we had selected the best general contractor for this job was when the sewage pipe issue was brought up. The goal was to have the support pilings in a certain pattern, but when the pipe was discovered to be right under where one was to be placed, the plan had to be adjusted. Jonathan and his team came up with such a great solution that was both visually appealing and didn’t disrupt the pipe below. Their ability to problem solve issues, if they crop up, was very impressive to see in action.

We’re delighted to have this screen porch and grilling deck built by Glasgow Design Build, and we highly recommend Walter and Jonathan Brothers for your project. The team at Glasgow Design Build can take what you imagine in your head, put it on some well-detailed plans, and then make the project come to life. If you are in the Wake County area looking for a generator contractor to assist in your project, again, we, the Browns, recommend this company wholeheartedly. 

To listen to me explain more about the screened porch, grilling deck, building process insights, and my overall thoughts, please watch this Video Below.