Is Your Family Ready For A Remodel?

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Home renovations in Raleigh, NC, can be challenging, especially when there are kids in the family. Large-scale home improvement projects, like bathroom and kitchen remodel, can disrupt children’s routines — their sleeping schedules are disturbed, studies are interrupted, and playtime is thrown out of whack — and it is harder for them to cope with the surrounding chaos.

Since the result is rewarding, homeowners usually agree to undertake these taxing ventures. However, home remodels do not always have to be a nightmare. When scheduled wisely, the journey to a more functional and beautiful house can be relatively free of bumps, if not entirely seamless. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the five tips you need to consider to ensure your home renovation project is a breeze — and not a blizzard.

#1 Choose the right time to remodel

Right timing is key when it comes to home renovations in Raleigh, NC. It significantly minimizes the disturbances and schedule disruptions. 

More often than not, people consider undertaking remodeling projects in the Fall. Why? Well, children are back in school and parents can pay more attention to the ongoing work rather than looking after their kids the whole day. However, starting the process in Fall means the construction can go on till the holidays. Unless you do not mind being occupied in the project during the festive season, you can opt for Fall.

That said, some families choose summers for home remodels. Since children are out of school during this time, their schedules are pretty flexible — disruption in sleep or study routines has no major repercussions.

No matter what time of the year you choose, make sure you do not have a lot on your plate when your home remodel is about to start. You need time and undivided attention to concentrate on your home remodeling project. Therefore, ensure you are not loaded with other responsibilities.

#2 Consider your kids’ ages

If you are on the fence about a home remodel, examine how old your kids are, and you will find your answer. Kids’ ages play a critical role in determining whether it is the right time to take on a home remodeling project.

Infants or preschoolers have set routines, and a chaotic project like a bathroom or kitchen remodel can adversely impact their schedules — their daily nap times or early bedtime will be affected. Therefore, it is better to wait for a few years if you have younger children.

Once your children are old enough to take care of themselves, easily adapt to a new routine, or adjust to the ongoing disorder, you can consider calling a reputable general contractor in Wake County, NC, for building a porch or deck.

#3 Stay away from home

If you think your family will be unable to live amid the mess, you can stay away from home till the project finishes. This is the best course of action, as it ensures no one’s schedule is hindered, and each family member lives peacefully.

Consider this stay-away-from-home time a vacation. While your children would be excited about the getaway, the remodeling project would move at a faster pace. This fun break can help you bypass the turmoil and jumble going on in your house.

Having said that, you must choose your vacation destination carefully. Refrain from retreating to a far-off place, as it will not allow you to stay updated with the remodeling project. Choose a nearby place from where you can easily commute to your house and get a heads-up on the project. 

If you cannot afford a vacation, you can simply leave your children at their grandparent’s place, or another trusted family member or family friend, while you stay back at your place to get things done quickly.

#4 Consider your pets

Many of us have dogs and cats that we must be mindful of during our home renovations in Raleigh, NC. It is essential to pay special attention to the pets during the project, as they can cause nuisance and unwanted delays. Therefore, consider where to keep them while your home is being renovated.

Apart from causing disturbances, pets can even escape amidst the disorder if they are not attended to. The doors are often left open when workers come and go with their heavy equipment; thus, pets can get away. In addition, curious pets can even get injured by wrongly handling hazardous tools.

Therefore, make adequate provisions for your furry friend before undertaking a home remodeling project. You can put them in their crates while the work is going on or even take them to the nearby daycare facility. Another option may be asking a friend if they can take care of your pet for a few days. With your pet away, you will have fewer things to worry about!

#5 Hire the right company

The general contractor you hire will immensely impact your project and determine how smooth your home renovation experience is. Not only will a reputable general contractor in Wake County, NC, offer high-quality results, but they will also finish the project faster and with minimal inconveniences. 

Most importantly, the right remodeling company will be more empathetic to the little children at home. They will pay extra attention to the kids and never work carelessly. For optimal safety, they will keep dangerous pieces of equipment away from a child’s reach and politely warn kids to maintain a safer distance.

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