Remodeling a bathroom can be pretty expensive — fortunately, there are ways you can save money during the process. In this blog, we have put together a list of thirteen creative ways you can save money on your upcoming bathroom remodel.

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1. Don’t change the layout. 

Sticking to the layout of your existing bathroom is a great way to spread your remodeling budget. Removing your sink, bath, or shower and installing them to a different location in the room may be more expensive than you assume. Keeping plumbing to a single wall will cost you less — ask your plumber for some advice on how you can make the most of the current system.

2. Paint the floor.

While you may have pushed the flooring to the bottom of your bathroom remodeling budget, a simple paint job can still make a sizable impression without breaking the bank. You can choose from various designs like stenciled floral motifs, harlequin diamonds, geometric stripes, and even layering rug effects.

3. Install energy-efficient blinds.

By replacing your window coverings with energy-efficient blinds, you will not only add a burst of color and style to your bathroom, but you will also save money on energy. Nearly 30% of a home’s heating output is lost through windows — blinds trap in the heat and reduce your heating bills. 

4. Save money with an acrylic shower panel. 

When it comes to bathroom wall coverings, acrylic shower panels are a popular and cost-effective alternative to tiles among homeowners in Raleigh, NC. They have a smooth, grout-free surface, are waterproof, easy to clean, and come in a wide range of colors and finishes, such as marble and granite. Shower panels are perfect for wet rooms, tub surrounds, and covering entire walls for a slick, high-end boutique effect since they are easy to cut, fit, and install.

5. Choose an acrylic bath.

Even if you have spent all of your money on high-end brassware, you can still have the bathtub of your dreams if you choose a low-cost acrylic tub. There are many modern styles to choose from, from eye-catching freestanding to back-to-wall options. Alternatively, why not make a traditional white-fitted design more stylish by adding elegant tiles or waterproof panels?

6. Snap up a deal on a suite. 

If you are planning a full bathroom remodel, buying sinks, toilets, tubs, and other bathroom accessories individually can sometimes end up costing you more than finding a good deal on a suite. Even if you choose a modest suite, you can upgrade it with premium fittings such as a statement tile or faucet to give it a luxury bump.

7. Let the plumbing out.

Have you spent all of your money on the tub? Don’t worry — if you choose a moderately priced exposed system, you will not have to give up your shower. An exposed design is a more cost-effective approach to a concealed design in which the plumbing is hidden behind the wall for a minimal appearance. Exposed showers are just as stunning — just be sure to look for one that matches your overall bathroom theme.

8. Go with ceramic wall tiles.

Ceramic tiles are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color and style to your bathroom. You can keep it simple with classic deep-toned metro tiles or unleash your creativity with a striking design around the sink or bath. A general contractor in Wake County, NC, will advise you on the best trends and designs that will bring a new depth to your bathroom.

9. Wait for sales or discounts.

If your preferred furniture or fixtures are simply out of your price range or you want to get a decent bargain, there are a few smart ways to save money. Why not, for example, time your bathroom remodeling project to coincide with annual sales (such as the Black Friday Sale)? Also, keep an eye out for discounted prices on the previous season’s models.  

10. Repurpose your vanity.

Working in some repurposed furniture is a great way to cut costs while adding a distinctive character to your bathroom. With the rising popularity and availability of on-trend countertop sinks, transforming your old dresser, chest of drawers, or salvaged industrial piece into a glamorous vanity unit can be a quick and straightforward upcycle project that will add a bespoke, luxurious touch to your bathroom.

11. Go vintage on the details.

Bathroom décor accessories can be limited — after all, a damp place prone to spills and steam is not the best setting for treasured mementos and artwork. Adding a unique mirror, cabinet, or even a striking sink, on the other hand, will improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom and will not break the bank. Once you have decided what you want, keep a watch on eBay, Etsy, and the Facebook marketplace — you will almost certainly find a good deal sooner or later.

12. Find low-cost light fixtures.

You do not have to spend a fortune on lighting to add some pizzazz to your bathroom. From wall fittings or pendants, there are many lighting options that can give the space a wow factor for less money — whether the bathroom theme is traditional or contemporary. 

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