Steps to Build a New Home

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As exciting as it may seem, building a home from scratch is an arduous process involving multiple legalities and steps. It is much more than quickly erecting four walls, poorly building a porch or deck, and shoddily installing a roof. 

Considering the complexity of the entire process, you will need to hire a general contractor in Wake County, NC, to ensure your home stands the test of time. That said, knowing the entire process of building a home is crucial, as it allows you to differentiate between right and wrong. Unlike home renovations in Raleigh, NC, building a house is a complex process, and mistakes can be financially painful. 

Our 9-Step Guide is what you need to precisely know what goes into building a house from scratch. Understanding the process will save you from costly mistakes and ensure a positive home-building experience. 

Nine steps to bringing your dream home to life

Though contractors, realtors, and designers play an essential role in house-building, the part you play is also indispensable. These steps will help you understand your responsibilities and give you a rundown of the entire process. 

1. Discuss your priorities

Many would-be homeowners overlook this seemingly simple step, so we are reminding you of it now. Before you contact general contractors in Wake County, NC, to help you build a new home, sit with your family and put together a list of must-have features of your new home. Let each family member share their preferences about their to-be room before you realistically choose how the rooms will look like. Decide on the number of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages. Since open floor plans are trendy these days, ask your family if they want to go for it or the conventional design. Including all your family members in the discussion is necessary to avoid tiffs. Move to the further steps only after achieving a consensus.

2. Set a budget

Unless you do not mind spending a fortune building a mansion, you need a financial budget to prevent the exorbitant bills from appalling you. For a realistic budget, include every possible cost, such as the operational costs, along with adding the construction costs. As this step can be tricky, we suggest you use a mortgage calculator to get an accurate estimate of your monthly mortgage payments. However, keep in mind that your construction mortgage might not cover the costs of decking, furnishings, landscaping, down payment, driveways, and much more. Consulting an expert is highly recommended.

3. Build the core team

This is the step where you will research for renowned designers, architects, and general contractors in Wake County, NC. These professionals will be a part of your core team, and their proficiency will directly impact the quality of your new home. Ideally, your core team should include an architect, interior designer, contractor, and realtor. While the architect helps prepare the suitable home plan, the realtor will assist you in land purchase and the sale of your current house. On the other hand, the contractor will bring your vision to life, and the interior designer will make you fall in love with your new home by placing the right furniture in the right place and painting the walls in the right color.

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4. Laying the foundation, framing, and inspection

Once you buy suitable land, the construction will begin. The contractor will start by laying the foundation, which is the most critical element of a home — a properly laid foundation adds to the structural integrity of a house and prevents it from collapsing. Therefore, never rush this process and let the workers take their time. At the same time, you should know the type of foundation beneficial for your house — basement, slab, and crawlspace are the three common types. The foundation will be set in approximately a week, after which the contractor will start framing the house. This is when the layout of your new home will begin taking shape. Before proceeding further, a certified inspector will review the framework. Subsequently, you can also have your first walk-through to examine the layout.

5. Enclosing your home

Once your house passes the inspection, the construction experts in Wake County, NC, will start enclosing it. This means they will install the drywall and a protective weather barrier — also known as a house wrap — to keep your house moisture-free. Simultaneously, the workers will also install the roofing system, doors, and windows. After your home is enclosed, be sure to take a walk-through and check if all the rooms are as per your original plan. If you have any doubts, clear them right away to ensure you get what you had envisioned. It is essential to scrutinize the house before it is insulated to avoid costlier corrections in the future.

6. Insulating

Here comes another important step that will determine how energy efficient your house will be — and how high or low the utility bills will be. Proper insulation will ensure your home has a pleasant temperature all year — cooler in summers and warmer in winters. When it comes to insulation, you should be aware of a key term: R-value. R-value refers to the thermal resistance or the ability of the insulation material to resist heat flow. By selecting the correct R-value for your attic, walls, floors, crawlspaces, and ducts, you will enjoy a comfortable indoor environment year-round, apart from saving on energy costs.

7. Exterior finishes and installing mechanical equipment

Once all the steps mentioned above are complete, the builder will focus on the exterior finishes and millwork. To make the façade of your to-be house more visually appealing, they will install either stone, stucco, or vinyl siding — whatever you choose. Additionally, they will also start building a deck or porch and railings. The professionals will also install all the mechanical equipment, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. This step will ensure your house is a fully functional space to live in. 

8. Interior design

Now is the time to let your creativity bloom and do its magic. This is often the most exciting step for many homeowners. This step will allow you to make your house uniquely yours and let it showcase your personality. You will get to choose the materials and design for floors, countertops, cabinets, and so on. One word of caution: do not let the choices overwhelm you. When choosing between different design elements for your interior design, keep your budget in mind and always go for high-quality, durable products instead of the cheaper ones with a temporary appeal.

9. Putting your best foot forward.

The final step is where your new house leaves you speechless! This is the day every homeowner yearns to see, and after all the eight demanding steps, you get to see it. BUT, hold your horses for just a little while — give rest to your urge to quickly move in. First, inspect the house carefully. Inspect lights, appliances, HVAC systems, cabinets, doors, windows, and faucets — check every nook and corner. 

All okay? Now, you can start bragging about being the owner of a luxurious house! Call the packers and movers and start preparing for the housewarming party.

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