Protecting Your Property Value With The Proper Design For A Home Addition

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Just because you do not have enough space in your home does not mean you can simply go ahead and buy a bigger house — many homeowners are in a similar situation. It is for this reason that many homeowners opt for a home addition. With a home addition, they can get a new room without going through the complex and costly process of purchasing a new home in Wake County, NC.

That being said, adding a new room can be a tricky project for the uninformed. Sure, it is not as challenging as building a new home from the ground up. But it is also not as easy as building a porch or deck. After all, you cannot shoddily tack on a new room and call it a home addition. Only a qualified and licensed general contractor in Wake County, NC, can ensure that the added room does not look like an ‘addition’, but seamlessly integrates with the rest of the house. In other words, the contractor you hire is a critical decision as it will have a direct impact on the quality of your home addition.

But before we move on to discussing what makes a home addition successful, let us first go through if a home addition is even worth it.

Should you spend on home additions?

Home renovations in Raleigh, NC, can be costly affairs. No wonder homeowners in the region either keep putting them on the back burner or meticulously judge each aspect of the project before the hammer hits the ground. It is only after hours of deliberation and research that they say “yes” to home remodeling. (Related Blog: Important Factors To Consider Before Remodeling) Well, so is the case with home additions. And if you are not sure if this will be beneficial for you in the long run, you should read this blog carefully because it will answer all of your questions about home additions.

Speaking of answering the questions related to home additions, the most common question general contractors in Wake County, NC, get asked is, “Is spending money on a home addition even worth it?” We have a simple answer to your question: a home addition is only worthwhile when it boosts convenience. If you are going for one without any solid reason, you will soon find regrets and operational cost-related difficulties coming your way. 

What we mean to say is that you only go for a home addition if, say,  your current work-from-home environment is non-conducive to your productivity and efficiency or when you need additional space for your extended family — whatever the reason, the addition should add convenience.

Having said that, the convenience will not always be explicit. This means the positive results of the home addition may not be visible right away, but follow down the road — it should benefit you in the future. One of the most common future advantages of home addition is the ease of selling. Houses with additional space are desirable properties anywhere in the world and thus demand a higher financial value in the market. On top of that, home additions help boost home equity since the latter is directly linked to the property’s assessed value.

Consistency in design can make or break your home addition

Though having a promising reason can save you from future regrets about the home addition project, it will not ensure a successful home addition. As mentioned above, home addition is much more than tacking a new room to the existing house.

For the most satisfactory results, the new room must not look as though it has been added later. Instead, it should flawlessly merge with the other rooms and have the same design. The consistency in design will ‘bind’ your entire house together, ensuring that every room has a similar appearance and aesthetic appeal. 

Apart from wrecking the appearance, inconsistencies in the house design can have some major impacts — they can even decrease your property’s financial value. After all, no home buyer would want to buy a house where each room has a contrasting design. Incongruous designs mean that the new homeowner will have to spend more money correcting the flaw. Consequently, this would adversely impact your property’s value. Hence, you will never receive a higher return on investment.

Therefore, when considering an addition to your house, closely examine the architectural style of your current home to promote consistency. For example, if you own a Victorian-style house, ensure the new room has a raised-type trim, stained glasses, and a high ceiling like all other rooms. And if you live in a mid-century modern house, the new room should not have inconsistent features like a clay roof. Similarly, adding a 2-story addition with large, white porch columns to a log cabin in a ranch-style would be a huge mistake as it can ruin the uniformity in design. 

Are you wondering how you can ensure your new room blends with the entire house and looks like it has always been there? By hiring a qualified and licensed general contractor in Wake County, NC, who would understand your requirements, pay close attention to the current design, and promise to integrate the room with the rest of the house — Glasgow Design Build is that contractor.

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