Summer Outdoor Kitchens

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Do you like the idea of being able to hang out with your friends while cooking? It is possible with an outdoor kitchen. Do you aspire to be a grill master? Start by practicing on your grill in your outdoor kitchen. Do you wish to boost the monetary value of your home in Raleigh, NC? Just add an outdoor kitchen. Do you like throwing parties? An outdoor kitchen can easily accommodate a large group of people. 

In other words, outdoor kitchens are a handy addition to your home—whether for entertainment or as an investment. 

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If you are still on the fence about having an outdoor kitchen, continue reading.

Why are Outdoor Kitchens the Talk of the Town?

Here are some benefits of having an outdoor kitchen that you cannot afford to overlook.

1. More Space for Parties

If you are often hesitant to invite guests to your home due to its small size, adding an outside kitchen will change that. With an outdoor kitchen, you will not crib about not being able to show how amazing a host you are!

You can throw as many parties as you want with an outdoor kitchen. People also prefer to gather in an outdoor setting where they can enjoy both delicious meals and lovely weather. Best part? You will not have to worry about any spills on your expensive carpet! 

2. Lower Your Electricity Bills

Interestingly, building outdoor kitchens is a great way to save on your electricity bills—who would not want that? 

Wondering how a kitchen built outside your house can help you save money on your utility bills? 

When we cook during the summers, our house temperature rises, and air conditioners work harder to make our house cooler. And when our air conditioners run for additional hours, it reflects on our electricity bills. However, if all the cooking happens outside, none of this happens—hence, the lower bill! 

3. Cut Down on Your Calories

Surprising as it may sound, outdoor kitchens can help you stay healthy. 

Because you already own a grill, you are less likely to spend money ordering grilled chicken that you can cook at home. As you may be aware, foods prepared at home contain fewer calories than those prepared in restaurants.

Moreover, grilling is deemed one of the healthy cooking methods—yes, your cooking techniques can determine how healthy you are. Since excess oil and fats melt away when you grill your food, you end up eating a meal that has fewer calories. 

Tips for building a perfect outdoor kitchen

If you contact a qualified general contractor in Wake County, NC, like Glasgow Design Build, they will evaluate your space and advise you on what is best for your Raleigh home. However, if you like being an informed homeowner, here are some expert tips for you:

  • Add your outdoor kitchen near your indoor kitchen. It would make the space more functional as you could quickly bring kitchenware and uncooked food outside. Furthermore, if you have already cooked food in your regular kitchen but want to eat it outside, you can do so without having to walk much. Therefore, adding your outdoor kitchen in proximity to your indoor kitchen will be beneficial both ways. 
  • Plan well for three major zones that can make or break your outdoor kitchen: cooking area, cleaning area, and refrigerating area. Your layout should have these three critical zones where you would be installing your grill, sink, and refrigerator.
  • Another component to keep in mind is counter space. Homeowners in Raleigh, NC, often make the mistake of leaving little or no room for counters. Keep in mind that you would need space to keep condiments, drinks, and hot food that’s just come off the grill. So, leave enough counter space for a functional outdoor kitchen.

Our Favorite Summer Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If countless options and Pinterest images have confused you, we are here to rescue. Here are our personal favorite outdoor kitchen ideas. Read and get your dose of inspiration:

1. Outdoor Kitchen with a Roof

The fear of harsh sun rays, as well as the idea of having the grill out in the open, can deter homeowners from building an outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to both of these problems: an outdoor kitchen with a roof. Having an outdoor kitchen does not necessarily mean having a roofless kitchen.

You can install a wooden roof to protect yourself and your kitchen equipment, along with enjoying the pleasure of dining outside. Better still, you can use the area of your deck that is already covered with a roof and transform it into an outdoor kitchen. 

2. Monochrome Outdoor Kitchen

Another amazing outdoor kitchen idea is to have a monochromatic theme. If you want your outdoor kitchen to stand out, you can match the color of the countertops, chairs, and tables with that of your deck and wooden roof.

The matching color will make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and well put together. As the colors match, nothing will look out of the place. 

3. Outdoor Kitchen with Expansive Bi-Fold Doors

An outdoor kitchen with a large wooden roof and huge bi-fold doors is a delight to have! The wooden roof with light fixtures will provide both shelter and a nice ambiance. On the other hand, the bi-fold doors will seamlessly connect the interiors with the exteriors of the house. When open, the doors will give you access to the beautiful outdoor kitchen. 

Once the party is over, you can securely close the doors and peacefully enjoy your night’s sleep. 

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