Inspiring Examples of Outdoor Living Spaces

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Whether they be patios, decks, or porches, outdoor living spaces are where we Raleigh NC homeowners  go to relax and rejuvenate. Aside from being a stunning addition to the home and increasing its curb appeal, outdoor living spaces provide numerous health benefits. You may be surprised to learn that building a porch or deck and connecting with the natural outdoor environment can reduce negative emotions and fatigue. (Source: Environmental Research). 

Let’s take a look at each of these living spaces separately…




If you are planning to add a patio or revamp an existing one, you are on the right track. Patios can increase your home’s financial value and make it a hot property in the Wake County real estate market. Patios are a charming hangout spot for families and a fantastic entertaining space for friends. 

Family members who are often busy in their own lives can come together to sit on a well-kept patio and spend some quality time. They can make memories here that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Speaking of family gatherings, you can even transform your patio into an entertaining game zone to double the fun levels! You can install a pool or ping-pong table, which usually takes up too much space in the house, and even add a dartboard to keep everyone engaged.  

Patios are also wonderful spaces for individuals who need to be inspired. When confined within the four walls, life can get dull and boring. This impacts the creativity and productivity of people and makes them inefficient at their work. 

But when people have solitary spaces like patios where they can enjoy the fresh air, introspect under the warm sun, and think without any disturbance, they yield fruitful results. As they are out in the open, the inspiring views boost their vitality and creativity, giving them a new lease on life.  

When it comes to using patios to their full potential, you have enough room to be creative and use them in innovative ways. No wonder they are the most popular additions to countless home renovations in Raleigh, NC


Made of wood or recycled plastic decking boards, decks are another common outdoor living space in Raleigh, NC. The primary purpose of decks is to give homeowners access to the picturesque view. Decks can be built with different levels and often require railings. 

Decks can be the best way to showcase your home’s design aesthetic. From exotic hardwoods to rustic pine, there are countless decking materials available in the market that you can choose from and gather compliments from friends and family. 

In fact, there is a wide variety of construction choices, from traditional brass to hardware to fasteners—yes, you can actually ‘personalize’ your decks! Just contact a general contractor in Wake County, NC, and get a deck without a headache. 

Decks can give a whole new meaning to the term “party.” If you find hosting parties pleasurable, you MUST have a deck to take your parties up a level and expand your entertaining space. Decks offer enough functional space, unlike a room, and everyone can breathe freely despite a huge turnout. No one will feel claustrophobic in your parties, there will be fewer spills and damage, and cleaning would be a quicker process. What else can you ask for?  

Aside from partying, for quality solitude, adding a deck can be an ideal choice for you. They can make your outdoor living even more comfortable and beautiful. Make your deck cozy by adding plants, lighting and furniture. Fresh plants, wood under your feet, and a clear sky above you will surely make your deck a personal retreat and an escape from the daily stresses of life.

Screened Porches

If you want to enjoy the outdoors without battling insects and full sun exposure, then screened porches are for you. Screened porches let you fully enjoy the outside view without pesky bug interference. Whether you need that much-needed dose of fresh air without stepping out of your cozy home or want to experience the pleasant blowing wind without swatting flies, a screened porch is your answer. It will make you fall in love with your home again. 

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These porches can even be converted into home offices. Without having to go to coffee shops to work peaceably, you can walk a few steps to get to your beautiful home office. It would be convenient, peaceful, efficient, and… free from bugs! 

The best part is that you do not need to do much to convert your Raleigh, NC, screened porch into an office. Just add an easy-to-clean weatherproof desk, a light, and a few office essentials, such as wastebaskets and pen holders—that’s it! 

Screened porches also make a safer sitting or sleeping area. If you are that romantic individual who loves lying under the stars, then these porches can be your go-to place to spend the nights. You need an air mattress or a sleeping bag and a few pillows to convert the screened porch into your paradise. 

From kids’ playroom to study room and everything in between, screened porches can be whatever you want them to be—relocate your TV and DVD player to make it your theater, install a few chairs and bring all the board games to make it a play area, decorate it to host a party, or simply add a rocking chair to sit and engage in soul-searching! 

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