Gone are the days when homeowners had to be okay with cookie-cutter interior design trends. Injecting some personality and character into a home is not just something that only the rich and famous do anymore. Every homeowner wants to personalize every nook and corner of their home and make their interior aesthetic match their personality. We are sure you have your own Pinterest board full of some interior design trends that you wish you could apply to your home, too, right?

Personalizing our homes and lending them that extra oomph has become one of the most fun and meaningful activities that homeowners engage in. No wonder why the industry of home renovations in Raleigh, NC, has been soaring in recent years. As homeowners, we put a lot of thought and dedication into deciding the furniture, crockery, rugs, sideboards, bathroom fixtures, and even the door handles of our houses. Not to mention making our outdoors more welcoming by building a porch or deck and other outdoor living and garden installations. It is after this mental and physical toll that this distinctive constellation is anointed with the term “home.”

The “larger than life” meaning of interior design in our lives

Why do you need to design and renovate your home? Well, to put it simply, it’s because none of us like to return to home chaotic, dark, dingy, and unwelcoming spaces after a long and tiring day at work.

Every general contractor in Wake County, NC, rightly believes that home is where people return to rejuvenate and recollect themselves. No matter how many nights people spend in fancy hotel rooms in the fanciest cities of the world, they feel homesick after a few days because homes remind them of who they really are.

It is true — our desire to design and build our homes in a particularly organized way is connected with our inner desire to stabilize and organize our complex identities. We create our homes the way we do because our home is a material and tangible symbol of our intangible identity.

When we choose a specific color palette to paint our walls with or pick a specific bedsheet to spread on our beds, it is an indicator of our personality. It is an outward expression of who we are from within. Therefore, we feel comfortable when we are in our homes because it is our “safe haven” where our soul feels that it has found a shelter where it can peaceably abide.

Hence, we invest our time and effort designing every living space in our homes. putting real thought into designing your home will reward you with a home that you not only love to be in, but also love to share with your loved ones.

2021 design trends to follow

Whenever undertaking home renovations in Raleigh, NC, people usually search for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. To make your work easy, we are listing all the 2021 design trends for you. Take a look and get your inspiration!

1. Outspoken color combos

With all the grief and frustration that 2020 gave, people are now embracing designs that unapologetically scream joy, happiness, and “party!” British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori, the initiator of this idea, advocates bold combos like fuchsia green and grassy green, retro orange, and punchy turquoise. You can adopt these fun, “out there” color combos to make your home uniquely yours.

2. Undulating shapes

No shape is no fun! So, go for squiggles and wiggles in 2021. You will get to see these wavy shapes everywhere, from cups to carpets. These biophilic shapes indicate the “naturalness” of objects that humans strive to straighten and “correct.” If you are a nature lover, you can buy rugs and pillow covers of such designs that resemble nature’s uneven shapes.

3. Black kitchens

Kitchens have been classic white-colored since time immemorial. But now, the trend is shifting to its stark contrast: black. A general contractor in Wake County, NC, will tell you that people are opting for black cabinetry in their kitchens because it ignites interest in this area of the house that was previously missing, apart from making it stand apart. This strong color choice helps people distinguish the kitchen from their living area in an open-plan space, and they do not have to put up any walls. So, less money spent!

4. Postmodern designs

In the last few years, people have been inclining towards the ’80s and Memphis style. Now, they are going further back to the age of postmodernism. This design trend started as a rebellious reaction to the strict formality of the modernist movement. Therefore, you will see playful proportions, rather than neat symmetry, of objects like arches and columns. Pale pink with deep red remains the popular color combo, and materials like glass blocks are gaining popularity.

5. Conscious buying

Though not a design, it is still a trend that relates to home remodeling. Every customer is becoming conscious these days and demands transparency from companies they buy products from. Knowing the facts behind the objects you possess is becoming crucial. You should know whether the material that your table cloth is made from is ethically produced or not and whether the company pays legal wage to its workers or not. From how things are made and are they made under fair conditions to who makes them and is happily selling them, a conscious buyer should know all these details.


Be boldly you in your designs and create the home that best suits your needs and style. So, get inspired by these innovative and creative interior design trends and give your home a fresh look and feel.

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