How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Professional Advice

If your kitchen is old, congested, and outdated, it is time to give it a fresh look. Updating your kitchen may seem like a tall order, but a systematic approach can help you proceed smoothly.

If you are looking for home renovation in Raleigh, NC, why not start with the kitchen? You should aim to give your space the look of your dreams while keeping your budget in mind. Here are 5 simple tips to remodel your kitchen:

1. Evaluate Your Requirements

The first step is to figure out the layout of your kitchen according to the way that best suits your household’s lifestyle. Search for images online to get inspired by various designs. Keep saving the pictures you like so that you can shortlist later easily.

Ask yourself some questions to decide the layout. Think about the number of people that are usually working in the kitchen at a time, and whether the design you are contemplating will help them move around easily.

2. Plan a Layout

To revamp the look of your kitchen, you can select a new floor plan to give it a fresh look. Here are 5 most popular ones:

  • The one-wall kitchen layout: In this design, all counters, cabinets, and appliances are positioned along a single wall.
  • Corridor kitchen layout: This design is best for a restricted space as it involves kitchen accessories along two walls facing each other.
  • L-Shaped kitchen layout: Here two adjoining walls are lined with counters and cabinets while the other two walls are open. This is the most popular design opted by 41% of people.
  • Double-L design kitchen layout: This layout is best if more than one person is working in the kitchen at a time. It involves a one-wall kitchen plus a kitchen island containing a cooktop and sink.
  • U-Shaped kitchen design layout: Here three kitchen walls are utilized while one is kept open to enable access to the kitchen.

3.  Minimize Costs

Decide a budget for home renovation in Raleigh, NC, and work on cutting your costs wherever possible. Before getting rid of your entire old kitchen, hold on and think about elements that you can retain in a remodeled kitchen.

After careful consideration, you will be able to decide whether you need to completely overhaul the space or can simply update some features to save money. For instance, you may come to the conclusion that the cabinets can be repainted instead of being replaced.

Purchase kitchen appliances that are budget-friendly as well as durable. Make sure the items you choose are energy-efficient, safe, and easy to operate.

 Image of a kitchen with white wooden countertops and cabinets4. Choose Fixtures and Finish

When you are researching about ways to remodel your kitchen, chances are you have already decided your style. You can opt for a classic, traditional, modern, or cottage look.

The fixtures and finishes that you choose have to be in line with your kitchen style if you want to stick to a particular theme. Make sure you get the cabinets, countertop material, sink, flooring, lights, and other hardware according to the style you desire.

5. Consider Professional Help

To assist with kitchen remodeling, it is a good idea to hire professional help. You can either go for a general contractor or a kitchen designer for home renovation in Raleigh, NC.

A general contractor will help in building and installation of your new kitchen by coordinating with other workers. He will also help gather products and materials needed to give a fresh look to your kitchen.

A kitchen designer specializes in remodeling your kitchen according to your budget. They aim to create a functional and beautiful kitchen to fit your requirements.

Kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your house that you make use of almost every day. Click here to read about preparing for a home remodeling project.

If you love cooking, you most likely want your kitchen to look the best. Remodel your kitchen by analyzing your needs and wants to come up with a feasible and doable plan. Call us at Glasgow Design Build to get started right now! (919) 228-9107.