Like all other material possessions, a home loses its value with time. Regardless of how exquisite a residence is, it will depreciate over the years. While you cannot do much to prevent your estate from losing value, you can restore (even increase) said value by taking a few smart steps that also don’t strain your bank account.

Here are some thrifty ways to up your home value.

Paint The Place
A fresh coat of paint over a house can make a world of difference in curb appeal. Freshly painted properties are not just visually appealing but also monetarily beneficial. If you put up your newly glossed over house on the market, it will get offers like a hot cake.

And the best part about painting a home is that you can DIY it if you have even the slightest bit of experience.

Tile The House
Just like new paint, new flooring can add a ton of value to a property. If you don’t have tiled flooring, get it installed right away. If you already have a tiled floor, consider getting it polished for an enhanced look.

Add Smart Technologies
We live in an era where we are surrounded by technology. Everywhere a person looks, they see smart devices, making life more comfortable. So naturally, a home with AI-driven installations will carry more value than one without them. Therefore, if you wish to rack up your home value, install intelligent apparatuses such as a smart thermostat.

Installing a smart thermostat system will not only make your home pertinent to modern times but also reduce your utility costs significantly, which will also attract hordes of buyers, should you choose to put your property up for sale.

Remodel The Kitchen
The kitchen is the hub of activities in a home. From cooking and eating to chitchatting and family meetings, a kitchen is the room for most in-home activities. Therefore, having a sleek and modern kitchen can enhance an estate’s value massively.

Upgrade Fixtures
One of the most low-cost ways to spike the value of a house is upgrading fixtures. Change the light installations and bathroom fixtures in your home and watch your home’s worth shoot up.

Add Accents
If you don’t have decks or other outdoor features, consider building a porch or any similar amenity to jazz up your place’s look while increasing its value.

Most Importantly!
If you want to add value to your property the right way, you need to hire experts who know everything about home renovation projects. Speaking of experts, if you are looking for the best general contractor in Wake County or professionals for home renovations in Raleigh, NC, reach out to us at Glasgow Design and Build today!