Kitchen Remodels – Things to Consider Too

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The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any house. A modern kitchen not just enhances the aesthetics of a house, but also adds to its value. It is one of the primary reasons why people opt for kitchen remodeling. The traditional 4-walled kitchens are no more in fashion, and people are getting their kitchen remodeled into modern, open forms.

Full-scale kitchen remodels are quite expensive, and you don’t want to end up with a final product that isn’t what you were hoping for. We’ve listed some important things that you must consider before you hire a general contractor in Wake County, NC, to remodel your walled kitchen and make it a more modern, open kitchen.

1.  Available Space
The layout of an open kitchen is quite scattered. Unlike closed kitchens that have everything tightly packed, an open kitchen, as the name suggests, is open and spacious. The first factor to consider before remodeling your kitchen into an open kitchen is the availability of space. If your current kitchen is too small, it may not provide enough space to let you build an open kitchen. You should only opt for such a remodel if there is adequate space for your intended kitchen style.

2.  Storage Spaces
Unlike close walled kitchens, an open kitchen is an open space. What goes inside is clearly visible from the living space. While you didn’t have to worry about cleaning the clutter in your old kitchen, you’ll have to ensure that your open kitchen doesn’t stay dirty or messy. The next important thing that you must consider is creating adequate closed/ covered storage spaces. Instead of opting for numerous open shelf storage, opt for cabinets with doors instead so that all the clutter can be contained. It’ll leave your open kitchen looking neat and presentable at all times.

3.  Colors
Since an open kitchen will technically be a part of your living area, you need to make sure that the color scheme that you choose is synchronized with that of your living area. A color combination that is contrastingly different from the existing living room theme might not deliver the aesthetic impact that you have in mind.

4.  Lights
Lights are an important factor that you should consider before opting for a major kitchen remodel, especially if you’re getting an open kitchen. The right kind of lights can create certain focus areas at the right spots. Keeping the lighting distinct in the kitchen and the living space will deliver just the right impact.

Closing Word
Remodeling your kitchen is a costly home improvement project, but if you ask if it’s worth it, we’d say it is worth every penny! Gone are the days of closed kitchens. It’s high time that you get an open kitchen and upgrade to a more modern aesthetic!

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