Choosing the right general contractor in Wake County, NC

Professional Advice

Getting a home remodeled is a tedious undertaking that requires proper planning. Typically, the first step of planning a home renovation is seeking a professional general contractor (GC). While choosing a GC may seem like a straightforward task, it really isn’t for a bunch of reasons.

First, anyone can claim to be a remodeler and put up an alluring website to trick you into believing that they know how to renovate homes, but actually knowing how to do the job cannot simply be ascertained through a website. Second, many general contractors can have years of experience under their belt, but they may not have a license, which can make them unreliable.

The best way to gauge a contractor’s credibility is by asking for their license. Every state in America has its own regulations when it comes to real estate development. While most of those laws may vary from region to region, one remains universal—every state’s requirement for skilled laborers to acquire a license to qualify as authentic service providers. If a GC has an official permit to work as a foreperson by the state, then they can be trusted to execute a renovation project.

Another practice to ensure a contractor’s credibility is asking for a surety bond. A GC that offers a surety bond is known as a bonded or insured contractor. Hiring an insured remodeler is wise because it gives you liability protection.

That means if the contractor fails to deliver or doesn’t adhere to terms of the contract, you can claim compensation money because of the bond. Any contractor that offers a surety bond means clean business; otherwise, they wouldn’t get an insurance policy to safeguard the interest of their clients.  

Whether you have to hire a general contractor to renovate your home entirely or for a small remodeling job, such as building a porch or deck, don’t forget to ask the company’s representatives for a valid license and surety bond.

Another important caveat to remember is checking the validity of a contractor’s license. You can do it by visiting NC Contractors Licensing Central and put in the licensee’s details on the website. If the license provided by your contractor is valid, it will be in the records on the licensing website. And if it’s not then, you’ll know to look for a reliable contractor.

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